About Virtual Events

Situated in South-East England, Virtual Events is one of the most respected and reliable Event Management Companies in the UK.

Our location allows us to provide the popular southern counties and London’s finest Venues and establishments, as well as allowing us to be flexible with our client’s needs.

We specialise in large scale events production, Wedding’s, Tour Management, Corporate or Conference Services, Exhibitions, as well as Global Scale VIP Events; including Formula 1 Hospitality, Royal or Celebrity endeavours.

What makes Virtual Events special is simply that we really do know our stuff, we thrive on delivering an exceptional service to our clients and we provide all our services in-house. The whole Virtual Events team take pride in each and every job well done.

Our team is made up of an array of talented and knowledgeable staff, including; Lighting and Sound Engineers, Event Managers, Logistics Co-ordinators, Wedding Co-ordinators, AV Technicians and Warehouse Staff – all coming together to make Virtual a truly premium level Events Management HQ.

No matter the event size or budget, our office team are always on hand to work out the best possible solution for our clients. We stock all of our own equipment in our warehouse, meaning we are also able to take away any middleman costs, so that we can pass on this saving to our clients.

Our warehouse is monitored carefully with scan-able barcodes and allows us to keep tabs on each and every job down to a single cable. The equipment we stock is always perfectly prepped for each hire and is at the forefront of the industry, meaning simply that we stock the industries newest and most effective equipment, to ensure that our clients are receiving a truly premium standard every time.

To enquire, have a chat, or to book your services in directly, please contact us at info@virtual-events.co.uk or on 0118 327 3910 and we will help you through every step of the way!

The Virtual Events Team