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A classic and sophisticated option for your Wedding.

Moving Heads offer a high-end lighting production for evening Entertainment, such as a Disco, Live bands or Performers.

Moving Heads create an atmospheric touch that will really get your guests joining in and enjoying the party.

A regular hire here at Virtual Events. Moving heads offer a versatile and impactful lighting display, which can be used and adapted to any venue room or setting.

Moving heads can also be used to personalise your Wedding, with the ability to project patterns or logo’s to fit in with the Wedding theme. These are easily controlled by a Virtual Events operator.

Virtual Events moving heads can not only be controlled for brightness and colour, but they can also be programmed. Here at Virtual Events we can go as far as designing you a bespoke lighting display for a particular Wedding Dance or throughout the whole evening, or you can look to hiring your own lighting engineer to adapt and create a non-stop lighting show throughout your evening rivalling the very best of high end live-performance lighting shows.

Call us on 0118 327 3910 or email us at to speak to our team today about booking your very own Moving Heads Lighting Production for your Wedding!

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