Virtual Events are one of the largest stockists of lighting & effects

Here at Virtual Events we provide and stock the most up to date and premium range of lighting services for Wedding’s and Events. From effective LED lighting, aesthetic fairy lighting to Tungsten fixtures, we have it all to fill your venue space.

A lot of our lighting equipment is IP65 rated meaning this can also be used outside, perfect for lighting trees and facades of buildings with washes of colours.

Cost can all vary dependant on set up and quantity of lights, so feel free to get in touch with our production team today to see how we can provide effective and premium lighting to your Wedding, no matter how big or small.

Below shows a selection of our most popular light applications. Why not get a proposal from our production team on what you require. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Call us on 0118 327 3910 or email us at to speak to our team today about booking your very own Lighting Production for your Wedding!

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