Mobile Bar Hire for Weddings

We believe in offering the most premium equipment hire for our clients. This is why we offer only two variations of bar for Wedding’s; Straight and Circular.

Our two options are of the highest quality and we are proud to be at the forefront of the premium bar hire services. We are the first events hire company to stock the circular LED bar, which provides a true luxury feel for your Wedding.

Our bars are portable, easy and quick to install without the need for loud tools during set up. Our Bars can also be extended, for example our straight bar comes in 1.5m sections. This allows multiple bar sections to be added where necessary. Our circular bars come in both semi-circular as well as a full circle, to suit our clients’ needs or venue space.

Possible uses for our bars are; welcome drinks including special cocktail or Champagne receptions, outdoor summer bars, marquee bars, to provide a more centrally located bar or to offer an additional bar at the venue.

Through our experience we have found that a well-placed and well-engineered bar can actually aid in the positive atmosphere and overall experience of a Wedding, ensuring that guests are served quickly. A well placed or additional bar can also help to ensure guests do not have to move away from the main room and entertainment.

All the bars come as a structure only allowing the venue or caterers to set up the bar as desired, this allows the ability to create the perfect set up to suit your Wedding style.

Not sure which bar to choose for your Wedding? We’ve added a few points below to help you decide.


  • Comes in 4 sections and can work in both a full circle and semi-circle.
  • Perfect for a central display. The circular bar can be dressed up with props or additional aesthetics to provide a truly incredible visual set up.
  • Full RGBW colour changing LED display.
  • Third party pumps can be attached easily.


  • Comes in 1.5m sections. Providing a small or endless length of bar.
  • Perfect for small spaces, or large Wedding’s where a huge amount of bar is required.
  • Full RGBW colour changing LED display.
  • Third party pumps can be attached easily.

If you would like to know more or book one of our bars for your Wedding – we would be happy to assist you.

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