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Planning a Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Breakfast can be quite a big task and given the amount of planning involved you do not want to be let down by mediocre or faulty Audio systems on the big day. Therefore, we are seeing a rise in the number of Audio Wedding Production Hire with our clients.

Here at Virtual Events we provide premium and reliable Wedding Audio Services from Wedding PA hire for speeches through to full Wedding Sound Production which can include our in-house Sound Engineers.

One thing our clients praise us on is the effectiveness and ease of our Wireless PA microphones. These allow the speaker to walk freely and without interruption. This is achieved by the mics working on a unique air frequency for the duration.

As experts in sound event hire, we can provide not only the physical aspects, but the manpower to ensure that your Wedding runs smoothly. Our dedicated team have worked on a number of high budget Wedding Productions, which has allowed us to acquire valuable knowledge on how to achieve the best quality sound hire services for your big day.

Some of the Wedding Audio areas that we work on regularly are; Speeches, Wedding Ceremony Audio, Wedding Breakfast and Ceremony background music, Wedding Bands and Musician Audio systems.

A new and popular trend in audio services is offering equipment in white as well as classic black. This can prove effective and aesthetic for Wedding’s, where the décor is clean and simple. This works well for speakers and DJ set ups. You can review our white Audio equipment hire services here.

Based in Berkshire we regularly get to work with the South of England’s most premium venues around London, Surrey and the southern counties, as well as branching out overseas for VIP Premium events.

However, no matter your budget, you will only receive the most premium quality equipment hire, which is never compromised dependent on the total spend.

Virtual Events are here to aid you in creating the most beautiful Wedding day both visually and in the form of sound quality. If you would like to know more about our services we would love to hear from you.

As always, we are on hand throughout the day in person and on the phone. Our team prides themselves on being punctual, reliable and premium and this is the case whether you are booking single or multiple services from us.

Get in touch with us today by calling 0118 327 3910 and discover a touch of Virtual Events Luxury Wedding audio!

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