• Summer Party Ideas For Work

Summer Party Ideas For Work

It’s that time of year again: summer is here. We may not all be able to swan off around the world on a beach holiday, but most of us know that summer means party season. Just like you would at Christmas, you may be considering to throw a party or fun day for your staff in the summer months. So, in this article, we list some of our top summer party ideas for work.

Summer parties help to break up the year nicely. It is an excellent way to let your hair down when the weather is beautiful, and it’s a unique way for your staff to bond all over again with each other.

With our summer party ideas for work below, you’ll be spoilt for choice for things to do. The summer event is an essential part of the corporate calendar, and all the better if you get some stunning weather to go along with it.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some summer party ideas for work that will rock your socks off!

London River Cruise

A day full of sunshine is enjoyed far more by people when you’re outdoors, and what better way to spend a day outdoors with your colleagues than with booking a day on a river cruise boat?

The Thames provides stunning views, a gentle breeze, and the space for dinner and a disco for the team in the evening.

An evening charter on a river cruise boat will give your team the chance to see London with a different perspective, and having the opportunity to mingle somewhere unique will make this summer event one to remember.

Book A Beer Garden

Staring out of the office window at the blue skies always makes people want to head to the nearest beer garden for a chilled glass or three of wine. So, why not make it happen?

Take an afternoon out at any of the central beer gardens and book it exclusively. You could have a BBQ going or provide buffet catering and just let everyone unwind and let their hair down.

Start A Sports Day

Have you got a park near you? Well, all you need is to divide your colleagues into teams, set up some games, and think of some excellent prizes!

There’s something exciting about a competition against the people you work with, and you can really drum up some camaraderie among the teams in the office. It helps to foster a sense of teamwork and breaks down the walls between the departments in the office itself.

Cocktails For All!

Did you know that you can hire your own venue and start making cocktails? Failing that, book out a Revolutions and have the entire team doing cocktail making classes, including competitions and taster sessions.

Round it all off with a pre-selected dinner for all, and you’ve got the perfect summer party ideas for work.

Head To Brighton

Hiring a coach and bringing the entire office to the seaside for the day is going to bring about a buzz of childhood excitement.

Heading to the pier to put some pennies in the coin machines, marking off a spot on the beach for hire and holding a BBQ and outdoor volleyball can be a great way to appreciate the height of the summer before the weather turns again.

Brighton also has the addition of swanky bars and amazing restaurants, but you can always do a round of fish and chips on the beach instead! Just watch for those seagulls; they’re relentless.

Theme Park Vibes

This idea is probably a good one before the schools break out for the summer, but why not go to a theme park for the day? There are plenty of them to choose from, and you can get the majority vote from the team as to which one you go to for the day.

It’s an excellent way to release some of that workplace tension by screaming it out on the rides as well as just being a great day out with friends.

Get Climbing

There are plenty of climbing sites like Go Ape in the UK, and these are excellent for those looking to have a giggle with their senior management.

There’s nothing like seeing your manager flip out over having to be up a tree! The best bit is that there are plenty of locations across the UK, which also host corporate events, so you will always find somewhere to book.

Team Challenges!

City challenges are fantastic, and getting the whole office involved is even more fun. Scavenger hunts can be arranged with teams starting in different areas of the city, making excellent memories along the way and getting the chance to have a giggle with their colleagues.

It’s an excellent idea if you want summer party ideas for work that actually DO something, rather than just head somewhere to get a little drunk in the sun.

Day At The Races

Love getting dressed up? Love champagne? Love having a flutter? Then a day at the races is a must! This gives everyone the chance to get fancy and dressed up and offers just as much excitement as a Christmas party event.

A day at the races in a corporate hospitality box is a treat all round, and your staff will love the chance to mingle, have a drink and enjoy the nibbles from the catering on offer.

Movies Under The Stars

If you have a smaller team that doesn’t warrant hiring a massive venue for, why not buy tickets for all and rock up at an outdoor cinema for a movie night under the stars?

The Luna Cinema and the Pop Up Screens always have openings, and it’s an excellent way to spend some time together. Spring for some VIP tickets and make it a night to remember.

Summer party ideas for work are going to be swimming around, so get the opinions of the people that you work with and make your 2019 summer party one to remember.

Finally…Don’t Forget The Entertainment

The final food for thought is, no matter what party idea you choose, there is a good chance that you are going to need entertainment. This is where we come in!

Virtual Events offer corporate party entertainment services throughout the Surrey and Berkshire areas, covering everything from corporate DJs services to corporate photo booths.

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