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Here at Virtual Events, we not only work with those organising parties, award ceremonies, corporate events or weddings, but we are also proud to offer our event services to a range of sporting events too. Undertaking large scale events such as the Grand Prix in Monaco, or a host of boxing charity events, we can make sure that your sporting event, no matter how large or small, will run perfectly. There are a variety of ways that we can help to ensure that your sporting event runs smoothly, including:

Sound – If you are likely to have interviews or commentary for your sporting event, then you are likely to need sound solutions to make sure that everyone can hear what is happening. Here at Virtual Events, we are proud to present our sound hire service, which makes sure that every word can be heard.

Lighting – A sporting event can be a theatrical performance, which means that you need to think about important aspects such as lighting and sound. Here at Virtual Events, we have a number of lighting solutions for hire, so no matter what is going on, it will always be in the best light.

Staging – Whilst the sport itself may be happening on a pitch, track or in a ring, the presentations at the end or post match interviews may need to be on a stage. Here at Virtual Events, we can work with you to ensure that you have the perfect sized stage for everything that you need, and that it is built and taken down quickly with minimal disruption.

Power – Many sporting events are held in locations that may not have easy access to power. This is where our power hire solutions can help. We can make sure that you have power just where you need it, and that it is enough to work on a variety of power hungry pieces of equipment.

Video Hire – Not everyone who attends a sporting event is going to be lucky enough to have the best seats in the house. This means that you may want to think about video hire. Video means that you can replay, play and present all the goings on during the event, and make sure that no matter where people are stood or sat, they don’t miss a thing.