Here at Virtual Events, we get asked all the time on how the event will look and feel for their delegates/guests. Design & Production is a key part of an event to make sure aesthetically it looks good, but also allowing the free movement of guests around your space.

At the beginning of our design process, we will meet with the client, to get a feel for how they want the event to look and to get a brief. We can run away with a concept or we can work on a pre-existing concept the client might have.

Our in-house production team will then start building your event space, starting off with the essentials, such as chairs, tables etc. So we know what space we have to work around once your guests are seated. We then aesthetically place key parts of production, such as TV screens, around the space to make sure your guests can see all the ongoings of your event. Finally, we input the extras. Staging, Lighting, Audio etc, all that we can manipulate and move to make the best possible looking event.

This design process from involves many hours, and our event managers will work closely alongside this team, to make sure the smallest of detail is considered in the planning stage.

Once our in-house team has created and refined the design with the client, the fabrication process of the job starts. Any custom-build requirements, such as set, printing etc will be manufactured in line with the design specification.

Here at Virtual Events we stock a full range of Sound, Lighting & Staging equipment meaning there is less chance of things been overlooked with a diffrent supplier getting involved. We also have a very close network of trusted suppliers, so if theres something we cant supply, for example, trestle table. We can work with these partners giving you piece of mind.

Get in touch with the Production Team today and see what we can design for your next event.