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Photo Booths have become more and more popular over recent years, but it seems that even these are making way for a new breed of photo booth at corporate events. Our Magicselfie-mirror-photo-booth Mirror Corporate Photo Booth is popular at both corporate events and weddings; a great way to bring fun and energy to your event.

The magic mirror corporate photo booth is a simple design; it is a 2-way touch screen mirror with a camera situated behind the glass. The design of this mirror means that you can take full-length selfies, not just top halves, perfect if your guests want to see how fantastic they look.

These magic mirror corporate photo booths are the ultimate combination of a professional grade DLSR camera and a studio flashlight, giving your guests high quality images at the simple touch of a button. It is perfect for poorly lit rooms; just let us know if this is an issue and we can work hard to adjust the flash and the camera settings for you.

To start, all your guests need to do is stand in front of the mirror and tap the screen to start. After following the on-screen instructions, the photos will be taken and will encourage guests to draw / paint on the screen to allow personalised messages to be included on the print backgrounds. Once they have finished, the prints will be ready within 10 seconds!

The magic mirror corporate photo booth is not just perfect for a solo selfie, but it is ideal for capturing larger groups; in fact it can accommodate 10+ people in a single photo, ideal for making sure that your entire team can all be in one photo together. Despite this, they are still compact and easy to transport, and with the stylish frame, they won’t look out of place or take up too much room in your venue.

Another great additional feature is that you can collage 3 images together, and leave space at the bottom for you to sign your name, or write a personal message. You can even choose a customised background to match your corporate colours and branding, to give your event that extra special personal touch.

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