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Sparkulars, also well known as indoor fireworks are a unique type of special effect. The machine fires bright fire like sparks, which unlike normal sparklers are actually cool flames. Perfect for making it perfect for any indoor or outdoor setting.

The Sparkular units operate at a much cooler temperature than traditional pyrotechnics by heating specially formulated granules and projecting them into the air. The sparks produced are non-flammable and non-hazardous. You can even put your hand over the flame! Safe for any little hands!

We hire out Sparkulars for some of our larger events such as popular music festivals, commercial fitness or endurance events and global fashion shows. However, these effects are reasonably priced and perfect for making a ‘wow’ moment at a party, such as being twinned with a bands performance or for a special announcement.

However you decide to set them off, we can be there to make sure it all runs smoothly for your event!

Call us on 0118 327 3910 or email us at to speak to our team today about booking your very own Indoor Fireworks for your party!

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