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A simple yet must-have addition to your private party.

Moving Heads are used for the majority of events we work on, such as an intimate Wedding, an annual corporate event, to a fully designed lighting production service for our regular VIP musicians or artists touring the globe.

Moving heads offer a lot of impact and atmosphere even with only having a few units. This makes them a popular and effective hire for private parties, instantly transforming any venue.

Moving heads can also be used to personalise your private event. We offer the option to choose your own pattern/name or monogram.

Each unit comes with a huge variation of settings with pre-programmed options. However, there is also the option for each unit or a group of units around the venue to have their own custom light show to tie in with the music schedule or performers.

Asides form this we also supply units which react to the music using sound to light software, which creates a truly personalised feel and effect without the need for hiring a lighting engineer.

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