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    Photo Booth Rentals For Weddings

Modern weddings seem to be all about how to make the experience as special for the guests as it is for the bride and groom. There are a number of quirky ideas for making your wedding day one to remember and one of the most upcoming ones is to rent a photo booth for the day.

Photo booths give your guests the opportunity to have some fun, let their hair down and get into the spirit of the celebration; and take home a memento of just how great your big day was!

What Can You Expect With A High Quality Photo Booth?

When it comes to your wedding day, one thing is for sure; you want the very best quality! Photo booth rentals for weddings, whilst a fun addition, is no different and if you are paying out to ensure that your guests have a great time then you will want to have the very best!

There are some things to look out for when it comes to booking a photo booth.


Weddings are a personal affair and it is likely that as a couple, you will want to have as much of your personality in the day as possible. Why should this stop at your photo booth? Many companies offer a plain booth which will fit in with the theme of your wedding, but there are also those that will go that extra mile to find out more about your style and try to match it as well as they can.

Here at Virtual Events, we offer a range of photo booth styles to fit in with the personal feel of your big day. Whether that is the Las Vegas skyline or perhaps just a sleek and shiny black backdrop; having the option to customise your booth will mean that it blends perfectly into the rest of your wedding.

Download And Share

What good is a photo if you don’t share them? Some wedding hire photo booths not only give you the option to download the photos once you have settled into married life, but many will also upload the images to a dedicated social media page. Your guests can then pick and choose their favourite images and download them to their own profile.

Here at Virtual Events, we upload all of the high-resolution images onto our server, so you can browse and download as you wish. We also upload a copy to our very own Facebook page, where your guests can download, tag, share and comment as much as they like.

Props For Maximum Fun

Whilst many people will want to pose up a storm during their time in the photo booth, the best fun is had when you let your hair down and have fun. Here at Virtual Events, we offer you a selection of props to make the pictures all the better. Feather boas, big sunglasses and perhaps the odd moustache or two, all of these fancy dress items bring a smile to everyone’s face.

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So there you have it, just some of the reasons why a photo booth is a great addition to your wedding. From creating great memories to raising a few laughs during the evening’s proceedings; they are sure to keep your guests entertained and give you something to enjoy after the excitement of the big day has lessened!

Call us today on 01628 220095 to find out more about what we offer as part of our photo booth packages, or visit our photo booth hire Surrey page where you can even see a video of our photo booths in action!