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    How To Make Your Own Photo Booth Props

When organising a wedding or event you will often have a budget in mind to stick to. This may mean that sometimes you need to cut corners and keep costs as low as possible. For many people, they make the decision to try and do some of the preparation, crafting and organising themselves, all with a view to saving some money.

If you are thinking of organising a photo booth hire service in Berkshire for your reception, then you may want to give it a try at making your own props rather than pay extra to hire them through your photo booth company. For those of you who fancy getting creative, we have given some top tips below for easy to make photo booth props.

How To Make Your Own Photo Booth Props

Stick Props – One of the easiest types of props that you can make at home has to be stick props. These come in a variety of different forms and are simply a case of printing out a shape of your choice and attaching to a stick. Moustaches, glasses, speech bubbles and of course a smiley mouth or two; you can draw up your own templates or perhaps find some online for you to use.

Masquerade Masks – Working along a similar line to the stick props, the masquerade masks can be popped on a stick for your guests to hold up against their face during a photo. Unlike the stick props, these masks will require plenty of customisation and embellishment by you. The details you add can depend on your own theme, from lace and sequins to feathers and sparkles. These are a chance to let your imagination run wild.

A Chalkboard – Fancy letting your guests have free reign during their own mini photo shoot? If you do, then why not invest in a chalkboard and plenty of chalks for the reception? You can leave this within the booth and then the guests can decide what to draw or write for their own photo.

Shop For Bargains

Finally, if you want to find different props for your photo booth hire, then why not hit charity shops or vintage stores to see what treasures you can dig up there. Old dresses, old handbags and a variety of other memorabilia can be found here, which can give a really vintage and fun feel to your event.

Get All Inclusive Props With Virtual Events

Does all this sound like too much hard work on top of your already expanding list of things to do? If yes, then why not speak to Virtual Events about our photo booth hire service in Berkshire? We not only provide you with the very best in photo booths but when you hire through us you will receive a variety of different props that really make the most of all your photos. The best bit – all our props come included in the price of hiring a booth with us, so unlike many other photo booth companies, you won’t need to pay any extra to have some fun!