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    How Much Does A DJ Cost To Hire?

How Much Does A DJ Cost To Hire?

No party is complete without the right playlist.

And, the best way to ensure your next event’s backing track is full of certified crowd-pleasers is by bringing on a professional DJ. That said, DJs don’t play for free. Like every other service out there, they’re going to want compensation for their time and effort.

So, just how much does a DJ cost to hire?

Here’s everything you need to know about how much DJs cost to hire and what effects pricing.

How Long Will They Perform?

Like many other jobs, you generally pay DJs by the hour. So, the longer you plan on keeping your DJ, the more expensive they’re going to be.

Most professional DJs have a starting salary or fixed rate that covers an initial period. After that amount of time has passed, they’ll begin to tack on an hourly fee for every extra hour of performance.

Where Do You Need Them?

If you’re going to need your DJ to travel for your event, you’re going to have to plan to cover those added expenses. And, travel costs can get pricy, depending on what your DJ has to transport with them and any accommodations they’re going to need.

These extra travel expenses can include the cost of shipping equipment, airfare, lodging, and even food.

Are They Well Known?

If you’re trying to hire a well-known DJ who’s consistently in-demand, you’re going to have to expect to shell out a fair amount of cash for their services.

While securing a well-known name can be essential to specific events, if you’re looking for someone to play your wedding, branding doesn’t matter nearly as much as their quality.

Well-known DJ’s can cost a couple thousand right off the bat. And, because they are so in-demand, they can withstand jacking up their prices.

That said, you’ll probably be able to find a lesser-known DJ who is just as talented as a big name start, for half the price.

Do They Need Extra Equipment?

Whether your DJ is unable to travel with their equipment or needs a special piece they don’t already own, you’ll also need to factor equipment rentals into your DJ budget.

Before your event, make sure you take the time to discuss what kind of show you expect your DJ to put on and whether or not they have access to all of the equipment they need to make that happen.

How Much Does A DJ Cost?

In the UK a DJ can typically cost in excess of £220 — but that’s just the start. This price generally only covers the DJs starting fee. So, any additional expenses, including the ones we discussed in previous sections, are going to be tacked on top of that initial cost.

Here at Virtual Events, our professional DJ services are priced at £495 + VAT, which is extremely reasonable due to the fact that we provide everything you would need in this one cost.

Before hiring a professional DJ for an event, take some time to go over what you expect of them, and create a plan that includes details like how long your DJ is expected to perform, and what expenses you’d be willing to cover.

By taking the time to create a plan, you can help avoid unnecessary surprise costs and keep your next big event on budget.

How To Hire A Professional DJ

Now that you know how to determine DJ cost, it’s time to find the perfect disc jockey for your next event.

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