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    How Much Does A DJ Cost To Hire?


How Much Does A DJ Cost To Hire?

If you’re planning an event and you want a DJ to get the party started, then you need to make sure you know how much you’re paying, and what you’re paying for. Costs vary from one DJ to another, but there are lots of different factors to consider depending on what you want. So, how much does a DJ cost to hire? Let’s look at some of the details that can make a difference.

Top entertainment will guarantee your evening goes with a bang, leaving both you and your guests feeling euphoric at the end of the night! But don’t forget, you’re not paying for a DJ’s time alone, so costs can go up depending on the type and location of your event, your timings, plus any entertainment extras you want to make a memorable night. So what are some of the things you should be thinking about?

How long do you need your DJ for?

Sounds obvious, but there are a few extra things to think about here. Try to look beyond the start and finish times of your party or event – a 5-hour evening event will rarely be priced for those 5 hours alone.

For wedding receptions, your DJ might have to set up quite a few hours before the event. So factoring in the additional time for those equipment setup and breakdown times, whether the DJ’s required to provide any background music beforehand or mics for speeches etc. can all add time and money. Plus, you can expect to pay a premium rate if they’re needed until the early hours.

How much equipment do you need?

Unless you choose a basic DJ & disco set-up, then there are certainly many more options for you to consider. Based on your venue, your DJ can make sure they’re using the right lighting and sound equipment to create the right atmosphere. The bigger the venue, the more lights and louder sounds you’ll need, and vice versa. Each will have a bearing on your quoted price.

But there are also lots of extras your DJ can arrange to make the event a real pleasure for your guests. Anything from photo booths, specialist staging, uplighting, LED letters, and even disco dance floor hire to give your guests the chance to get up and get down! This will add to your costs but will give you real memories for many years.

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Is quality more important than price?

Too often, people decide to go cheap when they hire a DJ. As a result, things go wrong, or the setup may be completely unsuitable for your event or venue. So if you find yourself asking how much a DJ costs to hire, then the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ should spring to mind.

If money is a deciding factor in your choices, then you may have to lower your expectations. But if the quality of a good, experienced DJ and all the extra entertainment they can offer is important to you, then it’s worth spending extra to have the evening you really want.

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