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Moving Heads for an event is a regular hire here at Virtual Events. Fairy lights, Uplights and others all have a direct impact of the way your event looks and feels. Moving heads are so versatile that in any room or event they can adapt, by projecting different patterns & logos. These are easily controlled by at Virtual Events operator with use of a lighting desk.

Virtual Events Moving Heads have full control of brightness, meaning no matter how many fixtures you hire from us, we can control the overall output setting your event right.

The intelligent lighting fixtures allow our lighting designers create you a bespoke show for your event. When booking any lighting with us, we will listen to your brief, and propose certain fixtures that will look great. On bigger jobs we will draw up your event virtually with our cad drawing programmes and create some renders for you, so you can see how your event will look.

We work with Elation Lighting and stock several of their products such as the Beam Extreme 5R, Fuze Z350 and Satura Spots. Elation lighting Elation is honoured to have award winning innovative products that stand amongst the top brands in the industry and we are very proud also to provide leading technology solutions that perform to the riggers of the professional lighting and video market. We also stock Chauvet, Prolights & Martin products.

Virtual Events have a range of products that our moving heads can project from. You might want some simple podiums in black or white around your room creating a real corporate feel. You also might want to fly them in your marquee or venue on a span of truss neatly tied to the top of the roof. A truss box is also a very cool effect, creating more of a industrial production look, great to be erected around your dance floor to create a centre piece for dancing.

The great thing about using these fixtures is you can have them projecting custom logos around your room for your entrance, and then used in the late evening to create a dance club feel to your event.

Cost can all vary dependant on rigging and quantity of lights, so get in touch with our production team today to see how we can provide lighting to your event.

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