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Confetti Cannons

At Virtual Events we have a wide range of Confetti Cannons to create a fantastic effect. Shots, Blowers or Cascades from the ceiling we can create an impression at your event. Wether its a Wedding or Large Scale Festival, Virtual Events can impress.

Each Confetti Cannon has multiple effects. The main difference between these are duration and scale. Virtual Events would example a CO2 Confetti Blaster can produce a huge confetti cloud for over a minute, where our single cannons will fire a large amount instantly for a very short period.

All our paper confetti (not silver or gold) is biodegradable and flame retardant, which means they can be used for outside effects. Though we encourage to check with your venue on their policies.

A big finish to your event, or an entrance effect, our exploding confetti cannons are perfect for any hire. We have a range of coloured confetti in stock, so when your planning your event, keep Virtual Events in mind for that perfect special effect.

Our cannons can be controllable also, meaning our on site technicians will look after the setup and triggering of the confetti for that magical moment.

Get in touch with one of the production team today for a full proposal on this effect.

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