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When you are taking the time to organise a event or party, chances are that you will want to make sure it is one to be remembered. One great way to do this is with a stunning dance floor.

What could be better than being able to dance the night away on top of a sea of glittering stars? With our white LED party dance floor, you can transform your venue and create a centrepiece that is sure to impress.

As one of our most popular dance floor options, these white LED party dance floors are not only elegant, but they fit in with a variety of themes, colour schemes and private event types. They are also incredibly non-intrusive, meaning they will deliver a stunning impact whilst be subtle at the same time.

Each 4ft by 2ft panel includes 32 LED lights, each of which will twinkle brightly, resulting in hundreds of small sparkling lights covering the floor like a starlit sky. These lights also mean that you can turn down the other lighting in the venue, which helps to create the perfect atmosphere for your celebration.

We are proud to offer one of the best Surrey and Berkshire private event dance floor hire services, and only use the very best technology for all of our clients. The floors are wireless and can be installed in as little as 45 minutes; perfect if your venue is looking for a quick turnaround on installation or removal of the dance floor.

Our white LED party dance floor is non-slip, fully water resistant and wireless. It is only suitable for indoor use and provides a solid and stable base for your guests to enjoy. You can even choose to create different effects on your white LED party dance floor using the provided remote control, one of which is a random sparkle that comes with 6 different speeds!

Whether organising a birthday party, anniversary celebration or simply a chance for friends to get together, Virtual Events are the place to come.

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