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One of the most classic looks that you can create at a private event or party is with a black and white chequered party dance floor. Whilst it may be more traditional, that doesn’t take away from the style and visual impact of this particular style of dance floor.

Our chequered party dance floor is a great option for those who are looking for a lower price dance floor that is easy to setup and remove in your venue of choice. There are no LEDs in this particular dance floor, which means we do not need to think about any wireless or wired connections underneath the dance floor panels. This makes our chequered party dance floor perfect for floors that are slightly uneven.

Our chequered party dance floor is installed using interlocking panels, with each particular panel being non-slip, water-resistant and load bearing. Although they are only suitable for indoor venues, if you wish to use this type of dance floor in a marquee, it is possible as long as you have a full wooden subfloor installed first – do get in touch with us for more information on the correct setup.

This dance floor is designed to withstand whatever a party can throw at it, all thanks to the aluminium interlocking system that gives it a durable and tough base for your guests to dance on. It is also easy to install and remove; only taking around 30 minutes for the majority of requests.

Whether organising a birthday party, anniversary celebration or simply a chance for friends to get together, Virtual Events are the place to come. We are able to work with those organising a private event or party throughout the South of England, delivering our amazing dance floors to Berkshire, Essex, Sussex, Surrey and Wiltshire as well as other surrounding areas.

Call our private event services team today on 0118 327 3910 for more information or to book now.

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