With a Virtual Events Photo Booth we can transfer your custom made designs or event theme onto the print background of your photos. This makes the photo print backgrounds from your Virtual Events Photo Booth 100% unique. Whether you’re planning a Wedding, Party, School Prom, or Promotional Event you can create your own photo print theme; your own brand specific to your event.

They are printed at the event and you can even share them on social media!

Our Photo Booth custom made print backgrounds are a great opportunity to give your memories a creative and personal touch. They are printed out at the Photo Booth and are something special for you and your guests to remember the event by. There is also an option available for you to share them online on social media. We can work with any design theme you provide us with, so go ahead and make your dreams a reality- the sky’s the limit!

What does a personalised print background add to your event?

We want to make your event as unique as you are. With a personalised Virtual Events Photo Booth print background you have more input on how your guests remember the day, plus creating your own background is fun! By following the theme from your invites your guests will celebrate your event your way, from the moment they hear about it, to the photos they take home to look at years down the line. Personalised photo prints add the finishing touch and make your event even more memorable!

Our custom designed backgrounds allow you to have any text, font and background style you wish!

We can help you design any theme with a text and font to match; from nautical sailing and the seaside, to rolling countryside hills; from a promotional corporate brand, to a funky festival vibe. You can be as imaginative and creative as you wish. We believe planning your event should be enjoyable; and with your own print designs your event will definitely be personal and unforgettable.


Need some inspiration? – Check out some of designs here:


Three weeks before your event we will get in touch to request your design theme ideas, but don’t worry if you change your mind we can make changes throughout the design process. And remember you can always use one of our set themed templates. For more information on our Photo Booth custom print backgrounds, or Virtual Events’ full range of eventing services, or for general enquiries on how we can help you make your event a success please call 01628 220095, or email Info@Virtual-Events.co.uk, or visit www.Virtual-Events.co.uk.