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When it comes to sharing important information within your business, industry or network, then a conference is one of the best ways to do it. It allows for a number of different people to come together in one place, not only learning more about the subject, but also being able to share key information too.

All our conference enquires get a full CAD drawing of what your setup would look like, with your custom branding and any bespoke items/ideas you may have.

Display Screens – Are you looking to present a video to a small number of audience members? Then this is the ultimate solution. We have a range of display screens that you can hire for your conference, each of which is able to present a high quality video stream that will get the message across in the most impressive way.

Projectors – Being able to present something to a larger audience can be tricky, and this is where Virtual Events can help. We have a number of projectors available for hire that will take your visual and present it on a large scale.

Lecterns – There is a high chance that any speakers at your conference will need to be able to refer to their notes. This is why lecterns are a key part of any conference equipment. Sturdy and stable, our lecterns for hire give a safe place for all those keynotes to be stored, ready for an amazing presentation.

Microphones – What good is a key speaker if they can’t be heard? A microphone may sound like a simple answer, but it is still something that can be easily overlooked. Make sure that each and every word is heard loud and clear with our microphones for hire service.

Lighting – Need to make sure that your presentations are in the spotlight? If you do, then you may want to opt for a dedicated and professional lighting solution. Here at Virtual Events, we offer lighting solutions that will always make sure that you are perfectly illuminated. Whether it is just for the stage area, or for the venue as a whole, we can help.

Stages – No one wants to go to a conference where they cannot see who is speaking. To make sure that everyone has the best seat in the house, we are proud to offer stages for hire. They are designed to not only raise you up, but to be sturdy and safe too; the perfect solution to make sure everyone has a vantage point.


Our carefully designed Bronze, Silver and Gold Conference Packages